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Complex programming

By this CSIT college students are able to learn advanced programming like data structures, computer graphics, numerical methods etc. You will find the source code for every project under your syllabus.

BSC.CSIT reference

Simplify your BSc.CSIT exam preparation with our user-friendly online learning platform. Get all the answers you need from our expert teachers, and say goodbye to exam stress. With our help, you’ll be ready to ace your exams and feel confident in your knowledge.

Notice and updates

Students will be able to see complete TU notices like exam, entrance, results, vacancy notices, and technology updates of Bachelor in Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT), Assistant Computer Operator, and Computer Technician.

MCQ questions

More than 3000 MCQs with 600 most probable questions with authentic answers.

Practical preparation

More than 100 practical questions with 30 most probable questions with authentic answers for Assistant Computer Operator and Computer Technician.

Notes and references

Chapters are given in detail according to the latest and revised syllabus of Assistant Computer Operator and Computer Technician.