write a letter of apology or regret

how to write an apology letter to your friend (question, Format)

As this tutorial you’ll able to know complete idea How to write a letter of apology or Regret with FORMAT and Question for these topic which helps to improve writing letter to student continue…

Note: To write Letter of apology is an informal letter or personal letter so you can see its rule in that section of Letter. But pay attention to initial description given below:
After salutation the next paragraph starts from:
i) I earnestly regret that / to…….
ii)I feel quite/very regretful to…..

Format for letter Apology to your friend….

21st, May

Dear Mr. Pradip,

I earnestly regret that I could not help you during the time of need; therefore, I would like to apologize myself for the inconvenience. Actually, I was in haste during your work for I was busy in my household work and it was an urgent circumstance to give the time there. Hence, I want to be excused and do assure that I will be always ready to co operate you in the days to come..

Yours Sincerely
Anil Kumar sah

Write Letter of Apology to Friends

Pokhara 26th, June

Dear Mr. pk

I regret to inform you that you were not selected for the fellowship this year. Your application, alog with others, was evaluated by a board of experts. Your CV was quite impressive and the proposal was considered of high quality but the competition was very tough. Thank you for taking an interest in the Kedia Felloship. It is certain that you will find other fellowships to further your study.

Yours Sincerely
Dr. Anil
General Computer operator
Kedia Felloship Trust

Questions for Exercises for Regret letter

a.) Write a letter of apology to your friend telling him/her for not being able to attend the wedding ceremony.
b.) Suppose you are a boss of a company. Write a letter of apology to the candidate who was not selected in the interview for the job since the competition was fierce.
C.) Suppose you are the head teacher of your school. Write a letter of regret to the student who was not selected for the scholarship.
d.) Write a letter of apology to your friend explaining why you failed in the exam and what wrong you did before the exam.
e.) One of your friends is angry with you as you hurt him/her using a bad language. Write a letter of apology to him/her.

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