How to write informal letter

How to write informal letter to a father with example

As this lesson you’ll able to learn how to write a informal or personal letter, types of letter, Demo of writing informal letter with Example continue…

A letter means the personal feelings, needs and obligations of a person formed with the help of a pen and paper to be exchanged from each other. There are two types of letters: Formal and Informal. The letters which are written for official purposes, business purposes, or as an application are called formal letters but those which are sent to one’s relatives or friends are called informal letters. According to the above mentioned parts of a letter, Modern English Grammar has classified it into four parts. They are:

  1. Personal letter
  2. Application
  3. Business letter.
  4. Official letter or Departmental letter

Step of write informal or personal letter

The feelings and needs of a person’s heart is expressed through a pen and paper. It is known as a personal or informal letter. It is written to our relatives and friends. Some special rules have been given to describe how to prepare a personal letter. To write informal letter, There are six parts discuss below:

  • Heading: a) Address of the sender (b) The date on which the letter is written
  • Salutation or Greeting
  • Subscription
  • Body or message
  • Address on envelope
  • Closing
(i) Write Heading of letter

Address of the sender and the date on which the letter is written): In the right (or left) hand corner upside of the paper the name of the place where you are writing a letter from is written followed by date. It is known as heading. It can be written in different ways. e.g.

(ii) Write Salutation or Greeting of letter

This part starts with – My dear/ Dear friend/ Father/ Mother/Sister/ Brother/ Uncle/ Aunt etc. Dear Ravi/ Sashi/ Mina/ Mohan … but don’t write Dear friend Ravi. It is wrong. After the salutation, don’t write “Namaste” or any other salutation or complementary word because it is only for the letters written in Nepali language not for English letters. They are not accepted in English letters. ( My dear/ Dear friend/ Father/ Mother/ Sister/ Brother/ Uncle/ Aunt etc.

(iii) Write Body or message of letter

The subject matter asked in the question what has the letter to be written about is written in this part. This is the largest part of the letter so everything should be mentioned in it. Some tips to start this part are given below.

When the sender writes his letter first, these are starting ways.
  • I am well here and hope you will be the same there.
  • Being well I wish you and your family to be the same.
  • I wish Lord Pashupatinath might bless you to lead your life well.
  • My eyes have become restless to see your letter with the information of your health and
  • prosperity.
  • I wish you a happy conjugal life.
  • I am well here and pray God to keep you well.
  • Since I have not got any letter from you, I have decided to cote my feelings through this letter.
Some expressions (when you are writing a reply) to write a letter are given below:
  • I received your letter and went through it gladly.
  • Your letter flashed through my heart and I became alert on my duty.
  • My nervousness went off when I received your meaningful letter.
  • I can never forget your views and love after reading your message.
  • By reading your letter full of jokes I became so fresh that I….
  • Thank you very much for your lovely letter. I received your letter yesterday. So I am very….
  • With reference to your letter, I would like to….
  • I came to know about you through your letter….
  • (iv) Closing or ending of a letter : When the whole message is written, we write a closing or ending in a separate paragraph which may be in one or two sentences but not more than that.
Some closing or ending expressions are given below:
  • Please convey my regards to elders and love to youngsters.
  • I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please except my well-wish for you and your entire family.
  • Don’t forget to write me as soon as possible.
  • I kindly request you to pass my well-wish to….
  • Hope you will write me soon.
  • Hope you will visit me soon.
  • My regards and affection to respective person. Please convey my remembrance to…. Please pass my namaste to….
  • My best wishes to you and your family.
(v)Write Subscription of letter

This part is written after closing or ending expressions. Earlier it was written in the right side corner downward only but nowadays it is written anywhere either in the right side or in the left side. To write subscription of informal letter There are two sub-parts of it: General subscription and Signature which are discuss below:

Some tips are given below for General subscriptions:

To own relatives

Your loving Sister / Daughter / Brother / Son / Mother.
Your affectionate Sister / Daughter / Brother / Son / Mother Your obedient Son/ Daughter / Neice / Nephew / Sister / Brother / Disciple.

To friends

Your Truely/ Your Sincerely/ Your Sincere Friend/ Best Regards/ With Best Wishes/ Ever Yours.

To General Acquaintance

Your faithfully / Faithfully Yours. Note:

Signature on letter

This part contains the signature of the letter-writer. Just below the general subscription name of the letter writer is written which is known as signature.

Note: When the letter is written to elders or friends, bare-name is written. If you are writing a letter to your youngsters, full name is written. (

(vi) Write Address or envelope

After finishing the letter writing it is kept in an envelope. On the left handside part of the envelope ‘From’ is written, and below it the name and address of the sender is written. On the right handside ‘To’ is written and the full name and address of the recipient is written.

Write Format of an informal or Personal Letter

From                                                                                                 To

Anil kumar sah                                                                             Pradip kumar sah 

Shreepur Birgunj – 15                                                                      Biratnagar 03

Example1: Helps to write personal letter or informal letter

Your father has gone to Pokhara on a business tour for a month. Write a informal letter to him telling him how things stand at home.

                                                                                                          Radhemai, Birgunj – 16 Jan. 27,2018

Dear Father,

Since I have not got any letter from you, I have decided to cote my feelings giving some information about the present situation of the house through this letter. 

First of all, we all are anxious to know about your health and when you are coming back from there.

You will be glad to know that Dipak has passed the final examination of Class Nine in the first division. We celebrated his success by going to a movie. I am getting on well with my studies. My examination comes off next Sunday, so I am doing hard labour for it. I hope to do well in the examination.

Mother has been suffering from fever for the last few days. The doctor says she has Malaria. She is under the treatment of Dr. Bista. She is improving now. There is nothing to worry. We are all looking forward to your return.

With love and regards from all of us.

                                                                                                                    Your loving son Manoj

Example2: write Informal Letter to your father

You have failed in the half yearly examination of your school. Write a informal letter to your father explaining the cause of your failure and promising to do better in the final exam.

                                                                                       Pepsicola , Kathmandu  26 Jan. 2018                                                             

Dear Father,

I am very sorry to inform you that I have failed in the half yearly exam. I failed in English, Science, Maths and Nepali. In other subjects, too didn’t do well. But believe me, father, I am not to blame for it.

My failure is not due to any carelessness on my part. I was always attentive in my classes. I did hard work. I never missed any period nor did I waste my time in idle talk. As bad luck would have it, I fell ill before the examination. I had high fever. The doctor advised me to take complete rest. I could not revise my courses. So I was unable to do my papers well.

Dear father, now I have begun to study in right earnest. I promise to do better in the final examination. I request you not to mind on my failure. Love to my little sister, and best regard to mother.

                                                                                                                                Yours affectionately.

                                                                                                                                        Anil kumar sah

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