which of the following is not an input device?

After reading this tutorial you’ll able to find, which of the following is an input device? Here we provide name of different types of input and output device .

The input unit gets the data and instruction from different input device(which list are below in table) and makes them available for processing to other units of computer.

Following are the types of an input device:

S.noName of input device
2.Pointing device(including mouse, touch pad and track ball),
3.Remote controls,
4.Numeric key pad,
6.Touch screen,
7.Graphics tablet,
8.Magnetic stripe Readers,
9.Chips reader,
10.PIN pads,
11.Digital cameras,
12.Video cameras,
13.Web cams,
17.OMR(Optical mark recognition)
18.MICR (Magnetic ink character Recognition)
19.OCR(optical character recognition),
20.Barcode readers,
21.Light pen,
22.Biometric sensor

Which of the following is not an input device? i.e. Output device.

Monitors, Visual display terminal, Printer, Plotter, Computer output on Microfilm(COM), Video output system, Audio Response system.

Which of the following is both an input and output device?

Hard disk drive, Floppy disk, USB drive, CD drive, DVD drive.

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