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What are shortcut key for windows 45+ key

Shortcut key for windows: Help provide  an easier and quicker method of navigating and execution the computer instruction. You can increase your productivity by invoking commands with. Windows offer many shortcuts key for that save your time and the effort as you work on your computer.

By the help of keyboard shortcut key we can save time. Many users find that using external keyboard with key shortcuts for PowerPoint help them work more efficiently.

List of shortcut key for windows

45+ shortcut key which makes you easy and quick to do computer task are as shown in table below:

Press this keyTo do this
Alt+TabSwitches between windows application. switches different windows application.
Alt+F4close the current program
Alt+ – (Hyphen)Display the system menu for MDI programs
BackspaceView the folder one level up
Ctlr+ TabMove between different page in dialog box
Ctlr + TabMove forwards through tabs
Alt+ Left ArrowMove backward to a previous view
Alt+ Right ArrowMove forward to a previous view
Alt+ spacebarDisplay the current system menu
Ctlr+ EscDisplay the start menu
Alt + underlined letterclick the corresponding command
Alt + underlined lettercarry out the corresponding command on the menu
Ctlr +F4close the current window in (MDI) programs
Backspaceopen a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the save as or open dialog box
Windows+ TabsCycle through buttons on the taskbar
Windows + RDisplay the run command
Windows + F1Display help

Most usable Function shortcut key

F1Display help on the selected dialog box item
F2Rename folder or item
F3Find file
F4Open save in or look in the save as or open dialog box
F5Refresh the save as or open dialog box
F6Switch between Left and right panes
F10Activate the menu bar in programs
ESCcancel the current task
EnterClick the selected button
Ctlr + ZUndo
Ctlr + XCut
Ctlr + Windows +FDisplay Find : computer
Shift + Tab Move backward through option
Windows + EDisplay windows explorer
Windows + DMinimize or restore all Windows
Shift + Windows +MUndo Minimize all windows
Windows + BreakDisplay the system properties dialog box
TabMove forward through options
SpacebarSelect or clear the checkbox, options
Shift + Alt =F4Close the application windows from taskbar
Shift + F10Display the shortcut menu for the selected item
Left ArrowCollapse the current selection if it is expanded or select the parent folder
Num lock + *Expand all folders below the current selection
Num lock + –Collapse the selected folder
Shift + Click [X] buttonclose the selected folder and all of its parent folders
Right ArrowExpands the current selections if it is collapsed or select the first subfolder
Num lock + plus sign Expands the select folder

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