Introduction to paragraph writing

Paragraph for writing (introduction, topic, example)

In this lesson you’ll able to learn introduction to paragraph writing and whole process how to write a paragraph with different type of example so continue reading…

Introduction to Paragraph writing

Paragraph Writing: A paragraph is a meaningful collection of words, ideas, views of a writer through a special angle. It can be described in the following way.

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting details

In the above description we find that there is a special sentence written about the title’s reference which is called a topic sentence. Whatever we say through the topic sentence we prove with some other sentences. The other sentences are called supporting detail.

Type of question for paragraph writing

 According to the examination point of view, the questions can be divided into two parts.

(i) With guideline write paragraph

 A title is given to write a paragraph and some hints are given below. Those hints are not complete sentences, only some points are mentioned in it. Students should read the given points and prepare a paragraph.

Write a short description of ‘Mahendra Highway’ with the help of the following hints:

Mahendra Highway

Mahendra Highway is the greatest Highway of Nepal. It links Mechi to Mahakali. It is about 1000 kilometres long. Simply it passes through several districts of the Terai. It crosses the three important rivers of Nepal e.g. Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali and many bridges over the rivers that flow from north to south. It takes its name in memory of the late king Mahendra which was formerly called the East-West Highway. It was constructed (built) with the assistance of government of many countries mainly India. This highway is a milestone in the field of national development.

(ii) Without guideline to write a paragraph

 Students are asked to write one or a couple of paragraphs on the prescribed title but there are no hints for writing. Students have to collect their own points or ideas to complete it. Eg…

Writing a paragraph about ‘Chhatha’.


The Chhatha festival is the greatest festival for the Hindus in the Terai which is celebrated in the month of Kartik. In this festival people worship the Sun. It is celebrated for two and a half days. Big preparations are made throughout the year to celebrate it. The women keep fasting and make everything pure during the festival. They go to the river or pond and worship the setting Sun in the evening and rising Sun in the next morning. It is believed that people get rid of their skin diseases after this festival because they take holy bath in the river or pond at the time of sun rise in the cold month of Kartik. People are very happy by seeking the blessing of Goddess for their prosperous future. It is also celebrated in India mostly in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Writing a paragraph about ‘Losar’.


Losar is a great festival of Sherpa community. It is observed on a day of Poush or Magh month. Here ‘Lo’ means year and ‘sar’ means new. So Losar means New Year. This festival is celebrated as the beginning of a new year in the Himalayan region. Mostly Tibetans, Gurungs and other Kirati people of Nepal, celebrate it. In this festival people wish ‘Happy New Year’ to one another. They wear new clothes, eat nice and delicious food and celebrate dancing and singing in-groups. They worship their God exchanging their best wishes one another. They make their gods happy by offering money, flowers and food.

In our country we have people who come from different castes and follow different religions. Do you think that it is difficult for them to sing and live together? Write a couple of paragraphs on this subject:

 In Nepal people of different castes and religions have always got on well together. There have been no major incidents of religious violence or violence between people of different castes. This is quite amazing because all over the world and especially in the sub-continent there have been instances of community struggles/ communal riots in the name of religion, However, Nepal has been known as a peace-loving country, a country that is very tolerant of religious beliefs.

It is true that previously in Nepal people of different castes and religious did not intermarry but this is also giving way to integration between people of different castes and religions. Politicians also do try to exploit the situation and cause trouble between people but on the whole living in racial harmony is not a problem here. Nepal prides itself on its tolerant attitude to different people.

Write about your neighbour, using the clues in the box. You can write a poem or a couple of paragraphs. Discuss your ideas with your partner before you write.
  1. Write religion or culture that you and your neighbour follow.
  2. Do you help each other? How? 
  3. Do you avoid arguing with each other? How?
  4.  Do you invite one another to festivals? 

My neighbour, Khairudin Hawari, is a Muslim while I am a Hindu. We both follow ancient religions and have great respect for each other’s religions and beliefs. We help each other in times of trouble as well as when we need each other’s help to celebrate joyous events. Sometimes, Khairudin Hawari and I have good natured arguments over each other’s customs but this is always in fun. We always end up laughing. We invite each other to our festivals. We think we are very lucky to be able to enjoy Muslim and Hindu festivals jointly.

Some topic for paragraph writing with example

Writing a paragraph about ‘Health is Wealth’.

‘Health is Wealth’

It has rightly been said that ‘Health is wealth’. Health is our real wealth. It is the honey of our life. It enables us to enjoy our life. Without good health, there can be no pleasure in life. A man may be very rich. He may have much wealth. He may have many servants. But all this is useless if he does not have good health. We can work hard only if we are healthy. Our hard work can then lead us to success. So we can say that the real secret of success is good health. If we have good health, our mind will also be healthy. So every person should take care of his health.

¬†Writing a paragraph about ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’?

 ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’

Honesty is the root of all noble qualities. An honest man is brave and courageous. He is truthful His conscience is clear. He knows no fear. He is trusted, loved and respected. He is at peace with himself. He is also at peace with the world. Honesty brings us not only inner peace but material prosperity also. God helps an honest man. All of us know the story of ‘God Mercury and the Woodcutter’. If we make honesty our policy, we will certainly rise in our life. An hones businessman attracts more customers. He can earn more than a dishonest person. So, we should b honest in our thoughts and actions.

What is Essay? And its step.
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