Letters of Invitation Format

People generally receive invitation of letters to special programs either through business or social interaction. Different sorts of parties i.e. birthdays and marriage ceremonies, anniversaries etc are common in social life. On such wonderful occasions, social behavior demands invitations.
Invitations can be formal or informal depending on the occasion or on the person being invited. Formal invitations are generally written in card form. The language of such cards should be in passive form, in third person and formal. Responses may be formal or informal. It depends on your relations, if someone is distant relative or superior to you, you may use formal way. But, if he/she is your close friend you can simply use informal language.

How to write invitation letters

Format of formal invitation letters

Sample of formal invitation letters is given below:

Mr. and Mrs. Sah
request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter
son of Mr. A. K. Sharma and Mrs. P. K. Sharama
on February 1st 2017, at Hotel Suraj, Birgunj and afterwards for
the reception at Hotel Bhisuwa, Birgunj.

R.S.V.P. 9800000000

Format of informal invitation letters

This type of invitation is generally written in ordinary form because it is to be given to someone who is very close to you i.e. close friends, relatives etc. Sentences in this sort of letter should be in active form and in first person. It is always in the form of letter so there should be signature at the end.

Format of Informal invitation letters to attend marriage anniversary:

Braham chauk, By pass
Birgunj May 10, 2017

Dear Menuka,
I would be very much grateful if you along with your whole family could participate in the marriage anniversary of me and my wife, at 6:00 p.m. on May 15th, 2017.
Expecting forward to seeing you on the special occasion.
R.A. Sharma

Questions for Exercises to write Invitation of Letters

  • Write an invitation letter to your best friend for attending your 15th birthday party which you are going to celebrate next week.
  • Write an invitation letter to your friend to attend your sister’s wedding ceremony.
  • Suppose you are staying in a school hostel. Write a letter to your parents inviting them to attend your school’s annual function.
  • Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to join and enjoy the New Year Eve.
  • Write an invitation letter to the mayor of your metropolitan city to accept as a chief-guest in your school programme.

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