Importance of computer

This article covers complete concept importance computer in (21st century, business, health, e-banking etc.). which helps for student to prepare their exam.

“Important of computer in 21st century”

Computer is one of the most superb gifts of science. As we get closer to the 21st century we find that soon a computer will be another common household appliance. As the Television was introduced in 1950’s it soon become an essential part of everybody life. It is an important source for entertainment and for gaining information. Now we use computers to run household appliance such as microwave ovens, phones. We have even cars with computer installed within them. Yet with the help of computers engineers are still trying to find a way to create Artificial Intelligence.

As we look into business we find that robotics have become as important thing for companies to stay in business. Robots can produce more rapidly and more efficiently then human work force. people can find entertainment on the internet they can watch movies, listen songs and get entertainment. These all are possible through the use of computer. People can find any kind of information on internet.

People at any corner of the world would be able to communicate with other people and it is possible through the use of computer. Computer have an ability to perform hundreds of very different tasks which make computers an essential part of over life. Computers enable us to do just about anything from our own home, even filing our income tax. Everything is computerized. Computer helps in every field like scientific field, educational field, business field, medical field etc. It all Seems that the use of computer help us for doing work easily, Quickly, efficiently and accurately. It helps people of saving time and energy, thus computer must importance device in 21st century.

Importance of computer in business

importance of computer in business in 21st century

In present time computer is important fool for business. Every Business company used the computer For product creation, marketing, promotion(advertise) accounting, administrating. computer helps to communicate between two company vai electronic mail, messenger, video conferencing etc. computer helps to research Business strategy Like competitors, trademarks, trends etc. In business many data are use which can manage by computer. On business it helps to calculating profit-loss, Trial balance, Ledger, Balance sheet, cash flow and changes in equity by entering journal entry. It helps to verify the assets physically through the CCTV camera. We can carry and transfer Books of Accounts and financial statement to any parts of the world. By the helps of computer Mathematically wrong in accounting is easily detect.

computer helps the business in developing and growing business globally. It helps to understand the local culture of product that is sold there. It helps to overcome the language barrier to some has a great role and impact in globalization. No any company will be successful globally without computer.

Importance of computer in Health

computer helps to optimize the data like patient information, Lab result and supply orders. It can also helps to monitor patients blood pressure, respiration, health problem and robotic surgery. In hospital computer helps to manage the important patient detail, billing and appointment etc. The computer is important in hospital because

  • To manage medical and patient information.
  • monitor for a patients.
  • Doctor use Research and study.
  • patients and doctor scheduling.

Importance of computer an E-banking

E-Banking is the process of transferring funds From one Account to another Accounts. Due to rapid change in technology it is became more easier to transfer Fund from one person to another. Nowadays every bank transfer is done from computer. It makes people easier, fast and convenient to transfer funds. It also provides a security in funds. Here in E-banking funds or money is not present physically. It is with in virtual form i.e. in the form of digits and characters in computer. Security System is also high. Nowadays, you can create your own password to use that Funds which in your account.

computer helps to transfer funds any part of world where the computer and Internet present. previously we need to protect our funds or money physically in boxes. But Nowadays you need not to do that. e-banking provides people safety of Funds then it losing. it is paid by that financial institution in which your accounted is created & operated. This is a Problem also that it may be hacked and your money will lost. But in provision in Law safeguard people interest. It makes Life easy to use funds safely and knowingly. Electronic Banking help of people to view their account information and statement. And also give facilities Like depositing or withdrawing your cash from banks. Bank help paying telephone bill, electricity bill etc. online. So the computer is most importance in the field of banking.

computer importance in Electronic marketing?

The action on business of promoting and selling product or services is called marketing. It also include Advertising. Electronic marketing is the place where these action can be done without physical involvement. computer create market virtually. And E-marketing is increasing day by day globally. It is the key element of globalization. computer helps to spread information of product very easily to maximum number of people in very less time. you can go live for promotion. It spread people awareness about the product and services many things like: what is this product? How to use this product? what is the benefits of product ? what is the demerits of the product to use? In short everything about that product or Services they want us say to people or viewers. It help the people to select product which is appropriate useful and suitable to them. It helps seller or provider themselves.

Why computer is so importance? in points

Here the some Characteristics of computer which helps to understand what the importance of computer.

  • Computer is a very fast device, which can takes a nanosecond for calculation that we take minutes or hours to complete. The speed of the computer is determine by in terms of nano or Micro second.
  • The Accuracy level of computer is very high than human being computer can performed every Calculation with the same accuracy. It never give the error result.
  • A diligence means working several hours with out getting bore or tire fill. It works many hours without creating Any error, it perform every calculation to the same accuracy.
  • We can use a computer for many purpose Like Listening song, watching radio, playing games etc. Thus we can say the computer have versatility feature.
  • popular of Remembering Human mind is volatile in nature, it mean have the chance erase the information. But the computer have to store the data in non-volatile terms which means it permanently any time and recall as long as your demand any time.

Basic important of computer in points

  • online Job and out sourcing: By the use of computer you can do work online. And people get paid by online.
  • E-shopping mean the electronic shopping by the help computer you can selecting, buying online a product and services.
  • Entertainment: It helps to entertain through a multimedia contents Like watching video, Listening audio, movies, 3D animation and online game ривот, Free fire.
  • Social network is one of the most important service For human. computer helps to provide connect and chat online share video, photo sharing, audio etc. one world wide. Here the some social network Facilities provider services are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Read also computer network concept.
  • Online earning and learning: computer is one of the most importance thing for student, we can earn money and learn online books with your computer.
  • computer are use in airplane and aircraft system.
  • computer are use in cinema, Home, college, school, municipality, Film industries to making film.

So the computer is most importance things for human being and its application is increase day by day.

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