Formal letter structure

formal letter structure- Format, sample with example

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What is Formal letter?

A letter which is written for business purpose or for any job or leave oriented manner is called a formal letter. So according to Modern Grammar formal letter has been divided into three parts:

(i) Business letter
(ii) Official letter
(iii) Applications

According to the specification grid, a job application or a letter to the editor will be asked so these two parts have been described here in an elaborative way.

Job application letter: It is written to get a job either in a public sector or in a private sector. You get the news of vacancy from a newspaper or any other source.

Structure of formal letter

A structure of job application can be divided into the following seven parts.

  • Heading ( writer’s address and date ): The name of the place and date is written in the right hand corner of the page.
  • The designation :of the recipient and related firm : The supremo who is addressed the letter or the application is written first with his post and the firm.
  • Subject : The subject matter on which it is written is mentioned. eg. An application for the post of……
  • Salutation : It is started with the word – : Dear Sir / Madam / Sirs) Dear Sir/Madam/ Sirs.
  • Body : This part contains the details of your age, qualification, experience and extra-curricular activities. It can be written in two paragraphs. The second paragraph describes the devotion and promises of the writer. The included documents with the application are mentioned here.
  • Subscriptions: In the end ‘Yours Sincerely’ is written and below it the full name of the writer is written which is known as signature.
  • References: In the left hand corner of the job application at most two references are given in two different points. These two persons are those who know the writer very well.

The format of Formal letter structure is given below:

Body :To begin with, start writing with the first few expressions i.e. the expressions given below.

  • With reference to the advertisement published in………………………………
  • I would like to apply for the post of ………… as a qualified candidate.
  • I wish to apply for the post of ….
  • I have come to know that there is a vacant post of … lying in your …

How is Formal letter Format

The example of formal letter format is given below:

Kathmandu, 24 jan.

The Principal

Deerwalk English Secondary School
Kathmandu, Nepal

Dear Sir,

I would like to present myself as a qualified candidate for the post of …….. which is lying vacant in your school. I am ………………………………………………………………………………………

I have included photocopies/Xeroxes of my certificates, experience certificate and other testimonials (documents). I hope I will be selected for the post and will try my best to devote myself as a good………………………..

References can be obtained from:

(i) The Headmaster : ………………….
(ii) The Principal: …………………..

I look forward to getting your kind response.

Your sincere

Anil kumar sah

Formal letter sample

Here the example of formal letter which helps to know how its structure:

Read the advertisement and write an application for any one of the post you like.


Mt. Everest Peak’ is a reputed and established Travel Agency. It invites the application for the following posts:

  1. Post: Account Officer (One)

Qualification: B.Com. or above
Preference: 3-5 years experience in Travel Agency Accounting.
Salary: Negotiable

  1. Post: Ticketing Officer (One)

Qualification: Intermediate or above.
Preference: 2-3 years experience in Travel Agency Ticketing and able to handle computer.
Salary Negotiable

Interested candidates are requested to send their application with one recent P.P. size photograph and complete bio-data to the following address not later than May 15, 2017.

The Managing Director
P.O. Box:11111, Kathmadu, Nepal

Formal letter sample

Answer: Format of formal letter above the advertisement

13th May 2018

The Managing Director
P.O. Box: 11111, Kathmandu, Nepal

Subject: An application for the post of Account Officer

Dear Sir,

With reference to the advertisement published in the Kathmandu Post I would like to present myself as a qualified candidate for the post of Account Officer which is lying vacant in your office. I am 25 years old with sound physique. I passed B.Com. in the first division from B.P.C. Birganj.

I have completed the basic course in computer operation from a computer institute. I have good command over written and spoken English. I possess four years’ experience in Golden Travel Agency as an accountant. I have included my attested copies of certificates, complete bio-data a p.p sized photo herewith.

I assure you, I will do my job better if I am given a chance. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

Your faithfully
Anil kumar sah


Name- Anil kr sah
Address- Lahan
Nationality- Nepali
Age-25 years
Date of birth- 1999/05/08
Father’s Name- Bishun sah

Sample Exercise of formal letters

Read the following advertisement carefully & apply for the post:


A well established marketing related organization, situated at the heart of capital city is seeking a qualified, energetic and progress oriented personnel for the given post:
Post: Marketing Supervisor
Qualification: B.Com with Marketing as major subject.
Experiences: Not less than 3 years.
Required Nos: Three (3)
Salary: Negotiable as per quality of personnel.
Besides other qualification, he/she should have the leading, supervisory and tackling power at certain problems independently. Individuals having those qualities are requested to send handwritten application along with the copies of academic qualification, bio-data and recent passport sized photograph to:

The Personnel Manager,
S.K.Enterprises (P) Ltd. Baneshwar, Kathmandu
P.O. Box – 11245, Kathmandu
Ph. Nos.: 4468037, 4492805.

Read the following advertisement carefully & apply for the post:

Job Opportunity

A well known and highly reputed Social Service Group of Nepal invites applications from eligible candidates for the post of Receptionist. (Female candidates are encouraged to apply). The candidates must have an excellent command over typing skill both in English and Nepali.
Knowledge of computer skill is a must.
Qualification: Diploma
Apply with complete C.V. before 31st March 2018
At P.O. Box No. – 1008, Kathmandu, Nepal. Contact numbers: 5521608, 5522608
Fax: 977-1-5523608

Format of letter to the editor

To write a formal letter to the editor, The structure include following thing:

  1. Writer’s address and date
  2. Subject
  3. Body
  4. Salutation
  5. Address of the person or firm receiving the letter
  6. Subscription with full name of


(2)The editor
Kathmandu post
(4)Dear sir/madam
(5) I would like to draw the attention of………………………………………..
(full name) through your newspaper that………………………………………………..

(6)Your faithfully/truly
Pradip kumar sah

Sample Exercise Letter to the editor

Write a sample letter to the Editor of a reputed Newspaper drawing this attention Local Government about a bad piece of road that is in need of repair:

Birganj – 3 25th Feb. 2018

The Editor
The Kathmadu Post, New Baneshwar, Kathmandu.

Subject: Problem of Sanitation

Dear Sir.
I would like to draw the attention of the authorities of Birganj Sub-Metropolitan City through your reputed newspaper that the road which leads to District Education Office has been almost impassable. The surface is badly broken up by the heavy rains, and on a dark night it is positively dangerous for motors or carriages to pass that way. Moreover, there are heaps of roadmetal on both sides of the road, which leave very little room in the middle. It is scandalous (disgraceful/ shocking) that we feel great trouble to pass through this way. I hope the public will bring pressure to bear on those responsibilities so that the road may be put in through repair without further delay.

Yours Truly
Sunil Pradhan

Example letter to the Editor

Write a sample letter to the Editor of a reputed Newspaper drawing the attention of the Government of Nepal about the sufferers of Koshi flooded area.

Birganj – 16 25th Feb. 2021

The Editor
The Rising Nepal

Subject: Problems of Flood-Affected People

Dear Sir
I would like to draw the attention of Nepal government through your reputed newspaper that the government must pay attention to the sufferers of flooded area around the Koshi. Many people lost not only their crops and homes but also their patrons. This flood has brought different types of fatal diseases like Diarrhoea and Cholera. It is necessary to sprinkle insecticides to control these diseases, otherwise some more people will die soon. Some teams of adapt doctors should be sent with appropriate medicines to the concerned areas in order that they could save the sick people. They are in great need of financial support for their rehabilitation. There should be proper management to educate their children on behalf of the government.
I hope this letter will awake the dozing government to think over the heart rending situation of flood victims if you publish it on your newspaper.

Yours Truly Deepak Sharma

Example of question for exercise

Here the sample question for exercise to writ formal letter to the editor:

  1. Write a letter to the Editor of a reputed newspaper describing about the unmanaged Traffic System of your town.
  2. write a letter to the Editor of a reputed newspaper describing about the problem of insanitaion in your town.
  3. Write a letter in about 200 words, to the Editor of The Rising Nepal about ‘Deforestation’ in your
  4. Suppose you are Rima Pradhan from Keshavtar-9, Tanahun, and you feel terribly sad about the common domestic walls and dead habits of Nepalese societies which are always the obstacles of unity and prosperity. Now, write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper showing the importance of National Unity.
  5. Suppose you are Muna Rai from Bandipur-3, Ilam, and you feel quite upset about the hopeless condition of wild lives in Nepal and about the careless human activities to conserve them. Now, write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper showing the importance of Wild Life Conservation.
What is Informal letter?
Ans:The letters which are written for official purposes, business purposes, or as an application are called formal letter…..Read more

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