Essay writing steps with sample exercise

As this lesson you’ll able to learn complete guide of Essay writing steps and also Discuss sample, types of essay for this continue reading..

What is Essay writing?

As a ‘word’ is a collection of ‘letters’, a ‘sentence’ is a collection of ‘words’; a ‘paragraph’ is a collection of ‘sentences’, similarly an ‘essay‘ is a collection of paragraphs. So in other words we can say that an essay is a collection of paragraphs from starting to closing. An essay is of different types:

  • Descriptive essay
  • Explanatory essay
  • Argumentive essay
  • Narrative essay
  • Reflective essay
  • Imaginative essay

Descriptive essay

A descriptive essay is a kind of essay which produces the description of a subject, a thing or a place such as animals, mountains, lakes, rivers, religious places, palaces or buildings of great importance, towns, library, epics or other types of books etc.

Narrative essay

This essay is written in a narrative way. It is described like a story or series of events. It tells something about a person, thing or related place. The writer introduces himself as a narrator or story teller and describes the historical events in a chronological way. So these essays are related with historical events, legends, fables, biographies of famous persons, incidents, a journey or voyage. It may be either real or imaginary.

Explanatory essay

The writer gets a topic and by using detail he elaborates it in his own way. The main purpose of this essay is to inform the reader about the motive of the writer. It is co-related with descriptive essay.

Reflective essay

This is that kind of essay which produces a reflection of the topic of abstract nature. In other words, it is called philosophical essay because the writer gives his logic about the topic given. It consists of thoughts on the given topic like habits, qualities, social situation, political situation, domestic situation or any other religious or theological topics.
Note: The word religious has also appeared in the descriptive essay and here in the reflective essay also/but explaining the religious place is a descriptive essay and explaining the religious feeling is a reflective essay.

Argumentive essay

This is such a kind of essay in which the essayist makes a topic in introduction and from the beginning to the end he gives reasons and arguments in favour of the sentence. It is full of discussions. So it is called a discursive essay, too. But there is a little difference between an argumentive essay and a discursive essay. An argumentive essay produces the argument over the topic which is mostly affirmative but a discursive essay gives not only the affirmative argument of the writer but also the negative argument from the otherside which is produced like a discussion. The main purpose of this essay is to convince the reader to have a faith on what is said. The general knowledge of the writer plays a vital role in this essay.

Imaginative essay

This essay is the fancy or imagination of the writer. He goes beyond this world in his/her supposition and thinks himself or herself to be so strange which is impossible in real life. This essay is not based on facts. The essay related with dreams, nightmares and suppositions come under it.

Steps of writing essay

The 3 Steps of writing essay: An essay must have, at least, three paragraphs which are shown in the below:

  1. Introduction/Background
  2. Elaboration
  3. Conclusion
  • As you have seen above the first paragraph is introduction paragraph, it gives the definition or identity of the topic. An essayist tells here what the topic means.
  • The second part of an essay is elaboration . The essayist gives the detail of the topic. This can be written in one or more than one paragraph according to demand. So it has been classified under some points. All points may be written in different paragraphs or they can be included in one or two according to the nature of the essay. But one thing must be paid attention to i.e. the serial should be according to the arrows shown above. e.g. first of all merit is written, then specialty is written after that importance is written and at last demerit is written.
  • The last paragraph of an essay is called an evaluation or conclusion paragraph. This part contains the views of the essayist. Previous paragraphs have the views of the other people collected by the writer but this is his/her own view. So it is called evaluation paragraph. It is started with “In my view/ In this way/ This is how/ I mean to say that/ As for me/ As far as I am concerned etc.

Sample Exercise of Essay

essay writing steps

Writing an essay steps wise on “Tourism in Nepal”.

“Tourism in Nepal”

When people travel from one place to another for various purposes, it is known as tourism. Mostly people choose the places full of natural resources. Our country is a gift of nature. It is in the lap of the Himalayas. It is known for its beauty all around the world. So there is a great importance of tourism in Nepal. Our country Nepal has many alive-mountain peaks. One of them, Mount Everest is the highest peak of the world. It has many springs (1) streams, green-forests, hilly areas, valleys, plains and temples. The temple of Lord Pashupatinath is famous all over. Mostly Hindu visitors come to worship the Lord to getboons full of ambition. We have some beautiful places like Pokhara, Jomsom, Ilam etc. we have many wildlife reserves to attract visitors.

We have so many resources to attract the tourists not only from native or neighbouring countries but also overseas countries. But it is a matter of grief that our government has never paid attention to develop the infrastructure of those well known visiting places. It is one of the greatest sources of income for our country. We can earn ten-fold (TU) greater money than we earn tod.

Writing an essay steps wise on “The Importance of Woman/Female Education”. try yourself

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