Diploma in computer engineering in Nepal

Diploma in Computer Engineering in Nepal

Diploma in Computer Engineering in Nepal is a three year and six semester course designed by CTEVT(Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training). This curriculum is designed to provide center degree professional technician up to date with today’s talents of computer, information technology(IT) and facts generation on the way to deal with the rising technological change.

  • Computer Engineering has been contributing the sector for the general improvement and growing task or employment possibilities in each public and personal sectors.
  • This curriculum is designed to foster understanding and talents to the technician required with the aid of using the computer engineering and facts generation associated industries and groups in Nepal.
  • Diploma in Computer Engineering(DCOM) program duration is 3 years. Each year is split into semesters. There are six semesters in overall in the length of 3 years.
  • The main aims Diploma in computer engineering to produce mid-level technical human resource equipped with knowledge and skills in allied field of study.
  • After passing diploma level you can allow to study any bachelor level like engineering, Bsc.CSIT, BIM, BIT etc

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Student quota: Each college in Nepal offers 48 seats to read diploma in computer engineering.

Grading System: The grading system diploma in computer engineering are as following below:
Grading Overall marks
• Distinction: 80% and above
• First division: 65% to below 80%
• Second division: 50% to below 65%
• Pass division: Pass marks to Below 50%

Diploma in computer engineering: Eligibility and Admission Process
  • SLC pass or SEE or equivalent with minimum C Grade (2.0 Grade Point) in Mathematics and Science and 1.6 Grade Point or equivalent in English and as per the provisions mentioned in the admission guidelines of Office of the Controller of Examinations, CTEVT.
  • Pre-diploma in related subject or equivalent with minimum 68.33%.
  • student should have Pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT

Pattern of Attendance: Minimum of 90% attendance in every concern is needed to seem with inside the respective very last examination.

Diploma in computer engineering: Instructional Media and Materials

The following instructional media and substances for the powerful preparation and demonstration.
• written media substances: Assignment sheets, case studies, handouts, overall performance checklists, textbooks etc.
• Non-mission media substances: Displays, models, pictures, flipchart, poster, writing board etc.
• Projected media substances: Slides, multimedia device Projector.
• Audio-visible substances: Audiotapes, films, slide-tapes, videodisc, etc.
• PC primarily based totally mostly} instructional substances: computer primarily based totally coaching, interactive video etc.
• Web-Based instructional Materials (Online learning)
• Radio/Television/Telephone
• Education-centered social media platform

Some highlights table about diploma in computer engineering in Nepal

Name of degreeDiploma in computer engineering(DCOM)
Level of degreeDiploma(10+2) or sub engineer or intermediate
Duration of course3 years
Eligibility criteriaSLC pass or SEE or equivalent with minimum C Grade (2.0 Grade Point)
Admission processPass CTEVT entrance
Scholarship of CTEVTCTEVT offers 3 student scholarship an each college
Fee structure1.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs
Average salary DCOM in Nepal15k to 25k starting salary on private sector and 25k to 35k on government sector
Job profileIT sector, computer operator, software engineer, Prabidhik sub inspector, web designer etc.
Examination type of DCOMsemester wise

New 2022 syllabus: Diploma in computer engineering in Nepal

There are 39 subject in diploma in computer engineering in Nepal which are discuss below:

Diploma in computer engineering First year new syllabus
S.nocode no.Subject
1EG1101SHApplied Nepali
2EG1102SHApplied English
Mathematics I
4EG1104SHEngineering Physics I
5EG1105SHEngineering Chemistry I
6EG1101AREngineering Drawing I
7EG1101CTComputer Application
First semester(I)
S.nocode no.Subject
Mathematics II
2EG1202SHEngineering Physics II
3EG1203SHEngineering Chemistry II
4EG1201CEWorkshop Practice I
5EG1201AREngineering Drawing II
6EG1202CEApplied Mechanics
second semester(II)
Diploma in computer engineering second year syllabus
S.NCode NoSubject
1EG2101SHEngineering Mathematics III
2EG2101CTC programming
3EG2102CTWeb Technology I
4EG2103CTDigital Logic
5EG2104CTDiscrete Structure
6EG2105CTSoftware Engineering
7EG2106CTBasic Electrical and
Electronics Engineering
Third semester syllabus(III)
S.NCode NoSubject
1EG2201CTDatabase Management
2EG2202CTData Structure and
3EG2203CTObject Oriented
Programming in Java
4EG2204CTMicroprocessor and
Computer Architecture
5EG2205CTWeb Technology II
6EG2206CTStatistics and Probability
Fourth semester syllabus(Iv)
Diploma in computer engineering second year syllabus
S.NCode NoSubject
1EG3101CTComputer Graphics
2EG3102CTData Communication and
3EG3103CTOperating System
4EG3104CTComputer Repair and
5EG3105CTData Mining and data
6Elective – I
EG3106CTa) Geographical Information
EG3106CTb) E-commerce
EG3106CTc) Management Information
7EG3107CTMinor Project
Fifth semester syllabus
S.NCode NoSubject
1EG3201CTMultimedia System
2EG3202CTInternet of Things
3EG3203CTInformation Security
4EG3201MGEntrepreneurship Development
5Elective – II
EG3204CT.1a) E-Governance
EG3204CT.2b) Computer Simulation and
EG3204CT.3 c) Artificial Intelligence
6EG3205CTMajor Project
Sixth semester syllabus
introduction to Bsc.CSIT in Nepal
Ans:Bachelor in computer science and information technology is a four year, 8 semester course Affiliated by TU of Nepal…..Read more

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