Computer operator in Nepal salary, qualification, skill

In Nepal computer operator is a technical person who has a solid knowledge about computer fundamental, operating system, word processing, electronic spreadsheet, database management system, presentation system, web designing and social media, computer networks, cyber security, hardware maintenance and troubleshooting, Relevant Legislations and Institutions etc. And it have also complete practical knowledge about the fully experience Devnagari typing and English typing.

What is computer operator?

A computer operator is that the author for watching and dominant computer systems particularly mainframe systems during a company, municipality(VDC) or organization. It have Responsibilities embody troubleshooting software system issues and hardware issues, watching execution, maintaining and rising system performance and on-line availableness, maintaining all system and application documentation, and helping personnel with all computer package issues. Alternative responsibilities rely on the leader however would possibly embody system backups, maintaining pc area instrumentation as well as printers and tape storage devices, and providing client support. “Computer Operator” is meant to provide employable work force equipped with information, skills and attitudes associated with the clerical occupation.

Qualification for computer operator in Nepal

To join a computer operator in Nepal Passed three Years credential in Diploma in computer Engineering program from CTEVT, Passed tier in +2 Science (have studied Physics and math of one hundred marks) and passed a minimum of in D Grade with 6 months basic computer course for fifth level and 3 months basic computer course for fourth level And able to type Devnagari typing and English typing, Knowledge of Ms-Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Ms-Access, HTML, e-mail and internet etc.

Types of computer operator and salary in Nepal?

As compare to Loksewa There are two types of computer operator in Nepal are as follows:

4th level of computer operator: In Nepal 4th level of computer operator have salary between 24k to 30k for government job and private section 13k to 20k. And it needed 3 months basic computer course qualification.
5th level of computer operator: In Nepal 5th level of computer operator have salary between 30k to 40k for government job and private section 15k to 25k. And it needed 6 months basic computer course qualification.

Computer operator skills Details

Following are the skills of computer operator:

  1. To accumulate the idea of laptop/pc fundamentals
  2. To use MSDOS to edit and run differing kinds of programs
  3. To Use MS Window XP,vista, Windows 7, Widows 8,10,11 to customize your laptop and edit, run differing kinds of programs
  4. To use data processing Program to edit, write and publish something
  5. To use Program and keep easy daily group action in correct method.
  6. to form the slides and show them in desired method victimisation Presentation Program.
  7. to arrange the desired software package to calculate and maintain the tables and files victimisation information Program.
  8. To edit & style the pic victimisation pic written material Program.
  9. To setup online system like Email and web.
  10. To use of component & Network in workplace automation.

computer operator model question 2078/79 Nepal

  1. A small or intelligent device is so called because it contains within it
    a: Computer
    b. Microcomputer
    c. Programmable
    d. Sensor
  2. Each IP packet must contain:
    a. Only source address
    b. Sources and destination address
    c. only destination address
    d. Sources or destination address
  3. The two basic types of record access methods are
    a. sequential and random
    b. sequential and indexed
    c. Direct and immediate
    d. online and real time
  4. Which of the following memories needs refresh?
    a. SRAM
    b. DRAM
    c. Rom
    d. All of the above
  5. First generation computer used to have processing speed in:
    a. microsecond
    b. millisecond
    c. nanosecond
    d. picosecond
  6. USB stands for
    a. Unique Serial Bus
    b .Universal Serial Bus
    c. unique saved data
    d. ultra serial bus
  7. Which of the following is an example of operating system?
    a. Dos
    b. OS/2
    c. Unix
    d. all of the above
  8. Which one is not output device?
    a. Keyboard
    b. Printer
    c. Monitor
    d. None of the above
  9. Which of the following loses its contents when the computer it turns off?
    a. PROM
    b. RAM
    c. ROM
    d. All of the above
  10. CPU consists of:
    a. ALU
    b. CU
    c. MU
    d. All of the above
  11. What is the main objective of IT policy 2000?
    a. To increase employment
    b. To build knowledge based society
    c. To establish knowledge based industry.
    d. All of the above
  12. Which of the following is network topology?
    a. Bus
    b. star
    c. None of above
    d. Both of above
  13. WLAN stands for
    a. widely accessible network
    b. wide area network
    c. wire and network
    d. wire accessible network
  14. FAT and NTFS is windows in type of
    a. disk tool
    b. disk storage format
    c. internal windows format
    d. utilities
  15. The principle of locality of reference justifies the use of
    a. virtual memory
    b. Interrupts
    c. main memory
    d. cache memory
  16. Multitasking and multithreading is used in
    a. windows XP
    b. windows 2000
    c. Linux
    d. all of the above
  17. An approach that permits that computer to works on several programs instead of one is
    a. on line thesaurus
    b. multiprogramming
    c. overlapped processing
    d. outline processor
  18. while booting how many types of system files will load into RAM?
  19. which menu you have to click if you want to prints a documents?
    a. Format
    b. Edit
    c. File
    d. View
  20. Which one of the following shortcut key of cut
    a. Ctrl+x
    b. Ctrl+v
    c. Alt+x
    d. Ctrl+c
  21. Alignment can be found inside the
    a. font
    b. background
    c. paragraphs
    d. page setup
  22. from where do you install font?
    a. font icons of control panel
    b. fonts option of format menu
    c. options sub menu of tools menu
    d. none of the above
    23.which one is not found in edit menu
  23. Which one is not found in edit menu?
    a. Find
    b. Copy
    c. replace
    d. print
  24. To change case, which menu you have to click?
    a. File
    b. Edit
    c. view
    d. format
  25. What is the file extension of MS Word document?
    a. Dot
    b. Doc
    c. Dom
    d. Txt
  26. What is the shortcut key of thesaurus?
    a. F7
    b. Shift+F7
    c. Ctrl+T
    d. Alt+T
  27. Electronic spreadsheet is also known as
    a. Data processor
    b. Word processor
    C. Presentation package
    d. All of the above
  28. The contents of a cell may also be edited by pressing:
    b. F2
    c. F3
    d. F4
  29. Which one of the following is extension of Excel?
    a. Exl
    b. Xcl
    c. Xls
    d. Exe
  30. In order to add comment in a cell one can use following steps:
    a. Edit→ Comment
    b. Insert → Diagram on menu bar
    c. Comment → Edit
    d. Insert → Comment
  31. Type of data in a cell of a worksheet can be of:
    a. Label
    b. Value
    c. Formula
    d. all of the above
  32. What do you use to create a chart?
    a. Chart wizard on toolbar
    b. insert→ chart on menu bar
    c. Insert →diagram on menu bar
    d. insert→comment
  33. Multiple calculations can be made in single formula by using:
    a. Complex formula
    b. array formula
    C. Composite formula
    d. all off the above
  34. How do you protect your excel sheet?
    a. Tools →→ Option → Password
    b. Tools →→ Protection →→ Protect Sheet →→ Password
    C. Both a & b
    d. None of the above
  35. Which of the following is not a database application?
    a. Excel
    b. Access
    c. My SQL
    d. Oracle
  36. A row in a table is also known as:
    a. a record
    b. a field
    c. a data type
    d. none of the above
  37. Which of the following best describes a query?
    a. a query enables people to enter a view data in your database easily
    b. query summarizes of prints data
    C. a query retrieves data that satisfies condition that you set
    d. all of the above
  38. The query “SELECT* from Employee” returns:
    a. All rows from table employee
    b. All rows from table employee where “” character is present c. All rows from employee starting from”
    d. none of the above
  39. Instruction in memory are:
    a. character code
    b. binary code
    c. binary word
    d. all of the above
  40. In Ms-Access…..presents data in a way similar to an excel spreadsheet.
    a. data sheet view
    b. design view
    c. print view
    d. layout view
  41. A field that uniquely identifies a record is called a …
    a. main field
    b. header
    c. key field
    d. all of the above
  42. ….is used to speed of data retrieval.
    a. indexing
    b. speeding
    c. Referencing
    d. Listing
  43. the readymade styles that can be used for presentation on MS-Powerpoint
    a. Auto style
    b. Wizard
    c. Preformat
    d. Template
  44. To enter speaker comments on has to be in which view?
    a. Normal
    b. slide sorter
    c. slide show
    d. note page view
  45. To use the same fonts & bullets styles on all your text slides you can:
    a. set them on the slide master
    b. set them on the tile master
    c. set them in the auto content wizard
    d. select all of the slide thumbnails & use the formatting toolbar to set the fonts & bullets
  46. The effect that looks like the new slide is pushing the old one of the screen is an example of:
    a. slide transition
    b. slide animation
    c. slide presentation
    d. all of the above
  47. The MS PowerPoint save PowerPoint file as following extension:
    a .ppt
    b .ptt
    c .ppp
    d .ptp
  48. What is the full form of www in “”? a.
    a. World Wide Web
    b. World Wide Writing
    c. Whole World Web
    d. Wild Wild West
  49. What is the correct tag to add a hyperlink in html page?
    a.< a href=”target”>link text </a>
    b. <link src=”source”>link text
    c. <a src=”target”>link text</a>
  50. To draw a horizontal line in HTML we use:
    a. <+r>
    b. <HR>

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