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Types of Computer Network Architecture

As this lesson you’ll able to learn 2 types of Computer Network Architecture, with its Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantage of Computer Network Architecture( Peer-to-peer and Client/server Architecture) continue reading..

Types of Computer network architecture are: Peer-to-peer Computer Network Architecture and Client/server Architecture refers to the fundamental principle for the underlying structure of a computer network. It Include hardware, function layer, interfaces and protocol used to establish communication and ensure the reliable transfer of information. There are two types of network Architecture. How the computer are connected with each other in the network are as Follows:

Peer-to-peer (p2p) Computer Network Architecture

Peer to peer network is a network that is created when there are  two or more computer connected together. That share connected resources without the server. It could be connecting two computer using USB .For example linking or connecting two or more computer in an office space using copper wire. Peer to peer communication there are no fix client and servers. It has workstations connected to each other but do not have a server. Also known as person to person communication.

Peer-to-peer Computer Network Architecture

Characteristics of peer-to-peer network architecture

  • It is easy to install and configuration
  • P2P is the technology used in torrents
  • The cost of building and maintaining very less to compare client-server architecture.
  • All the resources and the contents are shared by the peers unlike server -client architecture where server shares all the contents and the resource

Advantage of peer-to-peer network

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Individuals users control their own shares resources
  • Expensive to operate
  • Less expense
  • Less configuration and implementation time
  • Failure doesn’t affect all computer
  • No dedicated administrated are required

Disadvantage of P2P network Architecture

  • Network security applied only to a single resource at a time.
  • Each machine  must be backed up individually to protect all the shared data.
  • There is no  centralized organization to locate or control access to data.
  • Easy remote access can lead to compromised systems.
  • No control of access to data as there is no server.

Client/server network Architecture

In a client server model all the computers are connected to a central or device called server. Dedicated server is used to provide the certain services such as  database server, web server, files server etc. Server is responsible to control, manage and provides the services to all the clients in the network. A client Request to a server for services. The client and server machine are connected by a network and involve request and replies.

Client server is a network architecture ,which separates the client (often a graphical user interface) from the server. Each instant of the client software can send requests to a server or application server. There are many different types of server some example include files server, terminal server or mail server.

client- server Computer Network Architecture
Fig: client/server architecture

Advantages of client/server Architecture

  • simplified user accounts, security and access control to simplify network administration.
  • Single password for network login delivers access to all.
  • more powerful equipment means more efficient access to network resources.

Disadvantages of client/server Architecture

  • At worst server failures leads to whole network failure.
  • Dedicated hardware and special software( network operating system) add to the cost.
  • Increase expenses, it may need system administrator To handle.

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